Urbandaddy.com - April 2012


You sleep on a bed fashioned from discarded Clapton guitars.  Your religion is listed on Facebook as “The Holy Order of Cranking It Up to 11.”  You’ve inquired about changing your name to Baba O’Riley....


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Stereophile.com - April 2012

NY AUDIO & AV 2012 by Stephen Mejias

And here’s Well Rounded Sound’s designer, Jerry Cmehil, holding a couple of his company’s smaller offerings—in his right hand, a little Yorkie ($249/pair), and in his right hand, a Jack Terrier 2 ($299/pair)...


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Audiostream.com - April 2012

NY AUDIO & AV 2012 by Michael Lavorgna

Speaker manufacturer Well Rounded Sound offers a lineup of fairly diminutive but nice looking (to my mind) single driver speakers and matching subwoofers. On active display when I was in the room were a pair of Corgi's...


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Business Punk - March 2012

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Past Perfect Desired, Gizmodo Gallery - December 2011

We're honored to be showcased at the Gizmodo pop up gallery in New York City.  How amazing is it to be on the shelves with Braun, Vitsoe, and Apple?!  We're psyched!!
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