system setup

Well Rounded Sound strives to bring you the ultimate listening experience. We utilize the most advanced drivers with well-tuned enclosures 

and pure signal path philosophy. Our speakers are designed for music enthusiasts who value design purity, signal path purity and fine craftsmanship.

Key Points:

Pure Signal Path - Our desktop speakers are connected directly to your amplifier ensuring the most direct, unaffected signal path. We include pure copper wiring in standard calibrated lengths for all of our desktop models.

Pure Enclosure Design - Our enclosures are acoustically optimized and properly calibrated to give you the most natural pure sound. 

The very best natural materials are used for the finish. 100% natural New Zealand Wool Felt and American veneers and solids ensure pure, clean finish

 to satisfy the most stringent indoor air quality requirements and to give you the most natural finish available in the industry.

Full Range Drivers - The most crucial element of our design philosophy is the utilization of Full range drivers that give the most natural,

vivid and virtually holographic listening experience. Utilizing single full range drivers for a critical bandwidth from 100 Hz to 20,000 Hz 

has significant advantage in near-field listening. The sound is more coherent and transparent with tremendous musicality and liveliness.

Two Way Speakers - Our Two Way Speakers utilize computer optimized crossovers, use point to point wiring and superb, top quality components for uncompromised transparency, detail retrieval and dynamic portrayal of music. 


Wiring Tips:

Set up for two passive subwoofers results in greatly enhanced soundstage and much more natural and integrated bass:

Our own set up: