What We Do

Well Rounded Sound (WRS) delivers the music lover’s dream without compromise. Born out of a passion for music, respect for high-fidelity sound, and a love of cohesive design and sustainability, our speakers blow minds—not budgets.  

Sitting perfectly at the sweet spot of price, performance, and size, our speakers deliver the most natural sound tucked in an eco-friendly, modern and compact design. Boosted by refined passive speaker technology, acoustic enhancements, and composite recyclable materials perfect for sound quality, it’s a music lover’s best value.

Who We Are

WRS founder Jerry Cmehil’s lifetime love affair with music began with an introduction to American jazz and rock and roll in the now Czech Republic of the 1980s. He fell hard for the sound of live music, and even harder for the aesthetics of furniture design during his education at the Academy of Arts in Prague.

Jerry married his twin loves for music and design in an eclectic mix of positions: construction and industrial design, furniture and home restoration, and designing custom parts for philharmonic instruments.  Jerry amped up his speaker knowledge and technical prowess working with broadcast and recording equipment, live music, sound, and audio installations. On the side, he pursued his goal of building high quality speakers that met his high aesthetic standards.

Then Jerry’s love for music hit a flat note. Upon moving to a teeny New York City apartment with an even teenier desk, his attempts to find desktop speakers with maximal sound and minimal space yielded zero.

So in 2011, his determined quest for audio greatness and design expertise spurred him to build his own compact speakers using natural materials destined for musical greatness. A stereo star was born: Well Rounded Sound.

Imagine curved-shaped speakers with full range hi-definition drivers covered in natural cylindrical enclosures with premium wood finishing. The sound was natural, clear and supremely close to a live music experience. Even better, it defied all expectations for their size.

Since then, WRS continues to grow its family of hand crafted speakers made of the finest construction and unmatched musicality, all wrapped in a chic green design—at outstanding prices. The company continues its pursuit of the best speakers for high-end sound, along with curating the best WRS-complementary amplifiers, DACs, and DAPs for its discerning customers.