- August 2013

BOXER SPEAKERS by Joe Giuliani

The Boxer speakers are powerful, audiophile speakers that can plug into anything with a headphone jack. The speakers are available from Well Rounded Sound for $389.00. Let’s see if they are the speakers for you.

Form                                                                                                                                       The Boxer speakers are designed beautifully. The speakers are made out of real wood which help improve the sound quality and the looks of the speakers. The Boxer speakers are made out of two pieces of wood. One piece surrounds and houses the speaker while the other piece is a small stand that holds up the speaker in the front. Because all of the speaker is surrounded by wood, it adds singularity to the speakers, as opposed to making the stand plastic for instance. The front of the speaker is where the sound only comes out of, there are no sound vents on either side. In the center is a black part that comes out of the speaker, surrounding this is a bass controller. The fact that these parts are uncovered and not protected by a foam cover like many speakers not only increases volume and improves sound but it also adds to the look of the product. Surrounding this is a metal piece that has screws surrounding it. Surprisingly, these screws don’t subtract from the look of the speakers, they add to it. I am supposing it also adds the ability of the buyer to service the speakers his or herself despite the fact that I nor the manufacturer can recommend that. The speakers have to be powered by a small amp which looks ugly but can be hidden away. Also, because the controls are on the amp and not the speakers, there are no buttons on the speakers thus improving the look of the speakers themselves. Overall, these speakers look great and will look great no matter where you put them, be it on a desk or table.

Function                                                                                                                              The only reason we buy speakers is to play sound, almost always music. Consumers buy cheap speakers to meet their music listening needs, but sometimes we need a bit more power, a bit more sound to our music. That is where the Boxer speakers come in. These speakers are power horses. They provide some of the best sound you can hear from a speaker it’s size. The bass is bass-y and the treble is rich. The sound just sounds great. If you want great sound quality speakers, these are it. They have excellent sound at any volume. Be it at low volume or blasting, these speakers retain a rich sound. You can hear every instrument through these speakers, I know because I can hear every instrument played in Coldplay’s songs and without great speakers, that’s difficult to do. I have tried listening to songs of many genres and each song sounds like you are there while that artist is performing that song. The speakers take you to the artist performing the song. The highs and lows of a singer, the notes of a piano and the strums of a guitar all come in crystal clear. The speakers can fit in many places but not everywhere. They are limited down a bit by an amp, but that is the case with most audiophile speakers so that is not much of their fault. In fact, that just shows how powerful they are, they actually need a small amp to run them. The amp you get is small and has a port for audio in and a 3mm headphone port (same end as a guitar cord). It also has a small knob for adjusting the volume. That’s it. The wires that are included with the speakers to the amp are long enough to hide the amp underneath a table, while the speakers are on top of it. Of course, longer cords are available on the market, but these cords should suffice. Overall, the function of these speakers excel to highest marks.

Pros                                                                                                                                     Excellent form, looks great on any table
-Excellent sound
-Long cords
-Amp does what it needs to do efficiently

Cons                                                                                                                                       Amp is a bit bulky (small but heavy and it’s power brick is no different)

Things to be improved                                                                                                             Nothing has to be improved with these speakers.

These speakers produce absolutely stunning sound quality. These speakers are a must buy for consumers wanting to buy better speakers or audiophiles anywhere. These speakers could not receive anything lower than five stars from me. Great job Well Rounded Sound, your name of your company accurately describes your product.


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