Audiostream - April 2013

NY AUDIO SHOW 2013 by Michael Lavorgna

Well Rounded Sound was showing off their new, diminutive Corgi Mini ($399/pair) and Jack Terrier SE ($349/pair) speakers. Both speakers use a single driver to reproduce 120-30kHz in the case of the Corgi Mini (pictured right) and 100-24kHz for the Terrier SE.

Driving the Corgi Mini's was the new Coco 5i integrated amp/headphone amp ($599) which currently sports a 16/44-capable DAC but will get an upgrade to 24/96 by July.

True to their single-driver nature, the Well Rounded Sound speakers throw out a coherent and surprisingly solid sound image for your listening pleasure. And true to their canine nature, you may want to pair up your Corgi or Terrier SE with one of the Well Rounded Sound woofers like the WRS Woof 1 ($299) so you can get more bite with their bark.


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