Digital Audio News - October 2011

RMAF 2011 by John Darko

This room is sparsely kitted out: a MacBook,
 Musical Fidelity V-Link and V-DAC, a T-amp and some curious-looking speakers on the floor.

Well Rounded Sound’s focus is to bring better quality sound to computer users. Based around a single TangBand driver, the Watch Puppy speakers and Woof Puppy subwoofer create a sonic image that’s not only perfect for the Marriot’s small(ish) hotel room but one that would also sit neatly in hundreds of smaller living spaces across the world and in the process bringing and audiophile-level sound to many, many people. Logitech 2.1 boom-tizz this ain’t. This is an everyman sound. The Well Rounded Sound product line has the potential to be HUGE. US patriots will dig that it’s designed and made in New York.

My favourite room at the show, no question.


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