Ideon Audio


Ideon Audio was founded in 2015 by a team of audiophiles including an experienced engineer, devoted to design and build user-friendly high-end music reproduction products at an affordable price.

Our approach is to connect the listener with the experience of his and her favorite music. We use technology, our experience as audiophiles, our shared passion for music, and our fair share of hard work, to develop products which help create excitement and inspire emotions in the listener: i.e. create a total musical experience. And to make it all as accessible as we possibly can: affordable and user-friendly.
The Ayazi is the most vivid example of our approach. The Ayazi, a DXD 384Khz high resolution DAC introduced in November 2015, is our first offering.

Music is what matters most at Ideon Audio: turning sound into an experience.

Be it a CD, music files in a variety of formats — whatever your music storage medium — there is musical magic encoded in the numbers stored within that medium. The Ayazi will help bring forth that magic. It will unfold the intricacies hidden within the recording of your favorite music, with clarity, transparency and dynamics, in an engaging listening experience.