Acoustique Quality

AQ, s.r.o. was founded in 1995 to develop and manufacture loudspeakers. In retrospect, the conditions were rudimentary but high in standards, technical prowess and manufacturing capabilities. As time progressed, customer demands shaped designs and production into improved design and sound quality.

Then a plateau hit when their customer base started to thin out due to inexpensive imports. Suddenly AQ was facing a challenge: how to compete in the new market.The solution was to invest in new high precision technologies and manufacturing processes.

In 2012 AQ was able to secure a round of grants and funding necessary to implement radical changes. The industrial design firm NOVAGUE DESIGN was hired and new high tech manufacturing facilities were built.

Production capacity grew significantly, and more importantly, technical and designcapabilities were greatly improved. The new R&D lab provided opportunities to push inventive ideas and projects and assure the highest technical prowess of AQ products. New manufacturing facilities feature highly precise five axis CNC that opens doors to new 3D design realizations. New dust free spray booth and finishing room allows for stunning finishes, including highly polished high gloss lacquers. New final assembly room assures precise hand assembly and outstanding quality control.

These innovative steps greatly improved the entire production process and moved loudspeakers several generations forward. What was important in the design was preserved and new progressive processes and features were added to align production with the world’s greatest speaker manufactures.

The loudspeakers series featured here utilize these new methods -- enclosures are precision cut on an incredibly accurate Altendorf saw, making 45° mitered joinery practically invisible. Production of veneered Passion and Labrador baffles utilizes vacuum press, rendering the natural veneer face absolutely flawless. Surfaces are sanded with wide band sanders with pneumatic heads. Without the five axis CNC the Passion and Labrador series would not exist as complex Passion enclosures and baffles are designed, modeled and manufactured in 3D.

The results are contemporary loudspeakers of the highest aesthetics, technical prowess, and most importantly, sound quality. Professional audio press highly praised Labrador 26 MKIII, Labrador 29 MKIII and active loudspeakers M23. AQ Passion won many accolades from audiophile press and received prestigious design award from the world’s design center – Italy. AQ’s innovative products found their way into new markets including the USA, and OEM capabilities provide production for world-renowned electronic manufactures.

AQ loudspeakers were always associated with the phrases “Sound that inspires“ and “Sound for soul”. A welcomed addition of contemporary design delivers loudspeakers that are truly wholesome, inspiring and complimentary to modern homes and are the foundation for outstanding listening environment.